Walkways & Patios

Walkways & Patios - We provide a 5 year warranty 

  • All brick walkways and patios will be excavated to a minimum depth of 10" below the final intended grade.
  • An 8" sub-base of crusher run gravel will be installed and compacted every 2" with a vibrating compactor.
  • Temporary screeds or forms are set up to reflect the layout and pitch of the walk or patio.
  • A 1" layer of washed mason sand is then screeded or leveled over the screeds. This becomes the paver bedding course on which the pavers are to be laid.
  • Any brick cuts necessary to complete the chosen pattern will then be made.
  • Snapedge brick restraint will then be installed to retain all exposed edges.
  • Polymeric sand is used to grout the spaces between the pavers.
  • The plate compactor is used once again to compact the pavers into the bedding course.

This procedure is the recommended method of installation by all the various paver manufacturers and should not be deviated from in methods and materials. Any such deviation is incorrect and is considered to be a shortcut, which will inevitably result in an inferior end product after successive years of freeze thaw cycles.

Don't Forget, we provide Paver patios, walkways and all forms of hardscapes in and around the Rochester NY area.

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